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We specialize in hot wings with 30 different and unique flavors with a full menu and bar service.

"You will love this place. We will be back many times. Food had taste and love. Big party of 12, which is hard on staff but everyone and everything was excellent. Even had a beer on the house because I had to wait on a fresh Keg of beer. Thank you. I will change my route to include Big Spring from now on."

Joel S.


"The food and service were top notch. I will definitely be back as often as possible. The queso is great. The Texas Cactus Sauce wings were one of a kind and really tasty. The onion rings were good but the sauce they served with them was extraordinary. Highly recommend."

Ryan L.


"As someone that was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, i take my wings seriously. Everywhere I have lived outside of Buffalo, the wings have fallen short. Not here. These were huge and perfectly cooked and coated. Also a big bonus for the potato skins. Thank you for the taste of home!"

Betsy L.

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